Women's & Men's Ministries during COVID-19

April 17, 2020
Women's & Men's Ministries during COVID-19

This article is one part of a complete guide for church ministry during COVID-19.

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Gender specific ministries have been a part of church life since the first century. From the first century to the twenty-first century that has not changed. Christian men need other Christian men speaking into their life and holding them accountable, and Christian women need other Christian women to encourage and mentor them in their walk with Christ. There are ways to help both women and men engage in ministry activity during this time of social distance. Below are some considerations for women’s and men’s ministries:


    1. Women’s Ministry
      1. Women’s ministry groups can stay connected through zoom meetings or conference calls. Encourage the women to touch base with each other and find out how everyone is doing, if there are needs to be met, and prayer requests to be shared.  
      2. There are ways younger women and older women can be a help to one another during this time. The younger women can send cards, drop off small gifts like flowers on the front porch, and go to the grocery store. The older women can make cookies or treats and leave them on the front porch for pick up. 
      3. This is a good time to create a culture of service by picking a ministry project to adopt as a women’s ministry group. Find creative ways to get everyone involved. Celebrate the victories as God provides! 
      4. Everyone has a story. Use social media to celebrate the stories of the women in your church. During social distancing, you have an incredible opportunity to get women involved in new and creative ways. 
      5. Lifeway is offering free on-line video driven studies for women’s ministry groups. Check out the list by clicking here
      6. If your church has Bible Study curriculum including DVD sets or workbooks, consider loaning out the curriculum to the women in your church. Encourage women to gather in groups of ten or less in order to study God’s Word together. In home Bible studies with family members, neighbors, and friends provide a great opportunity to share God’s love and direction during uncertain times.  


    1. Men’s Ministry
      1. Men’s ministry groups can stay connected through weekly Zoom meetings or conference calls for group prayer and Bible study.
      2. Divide men into groups of 5-10 and start a group text with each group of men. Lead the men to share Scripture verses, prayer requests, or words of encouragement with their group through this ongoing group text.
      3. There are ways for the men’s ministry to serve during this time.
        1. Enlist groups of men (10 or less) to cook dinner one night a week and schedule a window of time for people to drive thru and pick up the meal. You can serve in this way and maintain proper social distancing by asking only one individual from each family to pick up the meal and to stay in the vehicle at the time of pick up. 
        2. Enlist a group of men (10 or less) to cook and deliver lunch for first responders and medical professionals in the community.
        3. Enlist a group of men (10 or less) to cook and deliver meals to the elderly and shut ins. If some of the elderly and shut ins are unable to view the weekly services online, a DVD of the service can be delivered along with the meal allowing these senior adult members to view the weekly worship service.  
      4. There are ways for men to serve during this time.
        1. Ask men to check on the elderly and shut-ins of the church to see if they need groceries, household supplies or prescriptions picked up.
        2. Encourage men in the church who enjoy gardening to share produce with others and possibly even teach others how to raise a garden.
        3. Men gifted at mechanic work can offer to change oil or do other vehicle repairs and maintenance for the elderly or families whose income has been negatively impacted.
        4. Challenge men who fish to catch, clean, and share enough fish for a meal with someone. Or, perhaps these men could take someone fishing and teach them how and where to catch fish.
        5. Remind men how their ministry can start at home.
          1. Find activities you can do together as a family (i.e. fishing, hiking, camping, playing a game, shooting hoop, etc.). While doing these activities together talk about Jesus, have a Gospel conversation, or choose a Bible verse to memorize together.
          2. Next activity together, share the verse and ask what God is teaching them. Share what God is teaching you.
      5. Lifeway is offering free on-line video driven studies for men’s ministry groups. Check out the list by clicking here.